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zirkuläre Produktwirtschaft

Innovation network

Technologies for a circular product economy and innovative product cycles


Motivation and Goals

By 2050, the European Union plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and become the first "continent" to achieve climate neutrality. To become the first climate-neutral continent in accordance with the GreenDeal, a transformation to a resource-conserving and sustainability-oriented circular economy is necessary. With the Designed4Circularity network, we want to promote a circular transformation in which materials in the construction industry are kept in constant cycles and waste in the construction industry is not created in the first place. 

The background to the network is a vision of achieving a decoupling of economic growth from resource consumption through circular value creation. The scarcity of finite resources and high CO2 emissions in the construction industry will be addressed through the durable reuse of construction materials. Waste materials resulting from renovation, remodeling or demolition will be transformed into new materials and integrated into an innovative circular system. The value of products will be preserved. 

Design as the "heart" of a circular economy is to be considered, (further) developed and optimized. Innovative product cycles, materials, technologies and business models will be developed in the sense of a cradle-to-cradle economy, which are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

We are founded by:

ZIM-BMWI Designed4Circularity innovation network
Über uns

Your advantages in the network

Access to new

Knowledge and experience exchange in the field of circular economy and innovative product lifecycles.

Initiate state-funded
R&D projects

Be at the forefront of this future topic and mark your role as an innovation leader.

Access to new markets & participation in the creation of new supply chains

Gain access to new markets and expand your business areas.

Industry insights
and strategic partnerships

Network with relevant contacts in the industry and benefit from insights and joint projects.

Securing the future
in the long term

Innovation promotes the long-term existence of your company on the market and makes it fit for change.


to collaborate

Within the framework

of cross-sector applications

and projects.


New value creation in the

construction industry

Designed4Circularity Team
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June 13th 2024

BMWK Innovation Day for SMEs  // Berlin

Ferbuary 7th


4. network meeting at the network partner INNOVENT e. V. // Jena

September 21st 2023

3. network meeting at the network partner VOFA Vogtlandfaser GmbH & Co. KG

June 28th 2023

2. network meeting at the network partner Polycare // Gehlberg

June 5th 2023

Workshop on international funding programmes // Online


Network partners

These partners are already benefiting from the collaboration:

VOFA network partner of Designed4Circularity
KTH network partner of Designed4Circularity
structure Network partner of Designed4Circularity
IVL network partner of Designed4Circularity
TH_Cologne network partner of Designed4Circularity
Bauhaus network partner of Designed4Circularity
Polycare network partner of Designed4Circularity
Rittweg network partner of Designed4Circularity
Flat glass network partner of Designed4Circularity
INNOVENT network partner of Designed4Circularity
Betong & Stalteknik network partner of Designed4Circularity
GLAPOR network partner of Designed4Circularity
htwg network partner of Designed4Circularity
BCI Group.png

We are looking
for you!

The Designed4Circularity in Construction network is open to companies, professionals and stakeholders working along the value chain. If you work in sectors such as architecture, civil engineering, materials manufacturing, building systems and technologies (e.g. sustainable energy generation, ventilation, insulation and soundproofing, thermal storage), refurbishment of living and housing spaces, waste management and recycling, or other sectors active in this field, you are welcome to join the network. In addition, there are opportunities for cross-sector applications where an indoor duct is required or material/weight savings and digitalisation and data analysis are desired.

Would you like to realise innovations in your small or medium-sized company? Then become part of the network!


A competence network of EurA

The network is managed by EurA AG. EurA is the market leader in the management of high-tech networks. The company operates across Europe and supports start-ups and medium-sized companies in successfully implementing and establishing their innovations in order to make them the market leaders of tomorrow. More information at

Sustainability is a central topic here. With our experts for sustainability reporting and life cycle assessment, you benefit from competent service from a single source.

ISO certificate-EurA

EurA AG Headquarters Ellwangen

Max-Eyth-Straße 2 | 73479 Ellwangen (Jagst) | Germany | +49 7961 9256-0

Erfurt EurA Netzwerk Designed4Circularity


Are you interested in the Designed4Circularity network and would like to learn more about it? Then we look forward to your message by e-mail, via the form on this page or your call.

Choose your status:

Thank you for your interest! We will contact you.

Ibrahim Bassel Network Manager Designed4Circularity

Network Manager

Dr. Bassel Ibrahim
answers your questions:

Krämpferstraße 2

99084 Erfurt


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